Thursday, June 18, 2009

Provo Canyon

The other day I went for a run, and not just any run, the Perfect run! It was just one of those days when all conditions lined up perfectly in a row! The weather was beautiful, sun shining, and a slight breeze. I had the perfect play list, the beat of every song matched perfect with every step! I ran down Provo canyon along the river past Bridal Veil Falls and ended at the mouth of the canyon. No side cramps, no shin splints, and I had the perfect running partner, my husband! I love taking runs with Ryan. He pushes me to go longer, faster, and sometimes he even lets me win! It was the perfect distance for a good run, 6 miles, not to long that it makes my bones, and muscles hurt, but long enough to make me feel strong! Running calms me, it's when I get my best ideas, there is nothing I love more than a good hard run on a sunny day. Well there are a couple things......(get your mind out of the gutter, I meant like warm chocolate chip cookies, or an ice cold diet coke)!

Provo Canyon is one of my favorite places in this state and we decided on Sunday Moose needed to experience Bridal Veil Falls. His only problem is he is such a little social butterfly that we couldn't really accomplish much because he needed to inspect every person, dog, floating piece of cotton, puddle, and leaf along the way! We just needed to prep him for the outdoors because this weekend Moose the Dog is going on his first camping trip!


  1. You guys are amazing! 6 miles will be my life long goal - I wonder if I'll ever accomplish it. I guess I better so I can exercise with you in Hawaii! Moose is so big - and fit! Give him a kiss from his auntie Kate and have fun camping this weekend. I want pictures ;)

  2. You'd be surprised at what you can do! I can't wait for my Hawaii runs, and I'll be waking you up to come with me. Ryan doesn't believe in working out on vacation!

  3. the only hawaii runs you'll be having will be running down your leg!!! happy father's day ryan. did moose take a grumpy in your lap to show how much he cares?