Saturday, January 2, 2010

Don't be Jealous!!

Right now I am to lazy to try and upload and organize all my pictures, and since I will one day turn this into a book there are certain things I would like to have documented, one such thing would be my favorite Christmas presents of 2009. Now don't be jealous, I have lots of people who really love me! These are in no particular order:

*My mom and dad put all our old home videos on dvd for us! It has been so much fun to watch!!!
* Steff made us all magnet heads of our entire family!! loved them!!
*My husband got me, and wrapped, my favorite kind of tic tacs (the passion fruit kind) and was pleased with himself. I was pleased as well, they are my favorite!
* Kate got me the cutest apron and my own personalized recipe cards...they are adorable and I have already filled them all out! And I hold a very special place in my heart for aprons!
* My mom and dad made us all shutterfly books of our family trip to is full of amazingly beautiful pictures that I will treasure forever.
* Aimee gave me a barnes and noble GC with which I purchased a book called Hunger Games, and I would highly recommend to anyone, I am more than half way through and I must say usually at this point in a book I really like I get depressed that I won't be able to enjoy it much longer, but there are two more in the series, so I will have something to look forward to when I'm done!! Plus, it's way better than twilight and that marble skinned Edward, or however they always describe him, which is supposed to make him sound sexy, but all I can ever think of is the cold marble counters at cold stone.
*Maegan and Mackenzie gave me a lb of See's candies gc each. I don't even need to explain how happy this made me. They know my so well!!!
*Laurel gave me an awesome necklace and matching earrings that she picked out just for me!
*My parents gave us a universal remote which will make my life infinitely easier.
*Ryan also got me new salt and pepper shakers, because I melted my old ones!
*My Grandma and Grandpa Clark gave us a beautiful nativity.
*Roni made my favorite kind of fudge, peanut butter delicious-ness just for me.
* I should mention Ryan got me lots of other things, mainly that I picked out for myself, but somehow those mattered a lot less after I opened the ones that really came from the heart.
*My Grandma and Grandpa Schenk gave us a huge book of geneology, with stories, and family trees. I can't even imagine how long it took to create.
*Nic gave us all a incredible gift a few days after Christmas...he did the huka! And allowed people to record it!
*Last but not least, I won the pickle prize this year!!! The bragging rights were good enough for me, but was appreciative of Apples to Apples none the less!

It's interesting the older you get the less the material things matter and it really turns into the thought that counts. I have appreciated the personalized, made from the heart gifts. Those are the things I will never forget and love forever. I'm only sorry I didn't do more of those kinds of things for Christmas. We also got family pictures taken and I can not wait to see them and be able to hang one in my home. I love my family so much and I am so grateful for the close bond that we have. They are some of my best friends and favorite people to be around.
It was so nice to be able spend Christmas Eve with Ryan's Mom and Aimee and Laurel. I love being apart of their traditions and hearing about Ryan as a child, I wish I could have met Ryan's dad, he always sounds like such a great dad and fun person. He has definately left an incredible legacy behind, and a family who speaks very highly of him. I am so appreciative of how lovingly the Nelsons have accepted me and taken me in as one of them. Ryan and I are very very blessed in the family department and we are very grateful!!

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  1. How sweet!
    Jon got me a box of cheez it, and orange tic tacks! I loved it!