Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Memory

I had a dream last night, one of those that seems so real that when you wake it takes a while to figure out if it really happened or not. It was a little bizarre and I won't go into a lot of details but it had to do with me taking me kids to go see their Uncle Robert. Now, I don't have kids and my uncle is no longer with us, but I vividly remember everyone's excitement to go see him. When I woke up and reality hit me I felt so sad and it made my heart break for my Aunt Sue and her girls as I realized I'm sure this is what they go through every day. I got on my computer and went to the blog Nic and Steff set up when he was killed. I read every post. I find myself thinking about Robert a lot, I miss him so much. And I think I speak for my family when I say that Robert was one of the Greats! Most of us feel he wasn't just an uncle to us, he was a great buddy and friend! He taught us to ski, to wakeboard. He took us snowmobiling and sledding. Any time we made the trip to Idaho he had some sort of adventure planned for us. He was one of the funniest men around, but also one of the most compassionate. I still today can't believe he's gone, when I'm at my grandma's house I still expect to see him walk through the door. My brother Tanner was on a mission when Robert was killed and he wrote this in a letter..."Robert has takenthat next step in life, and is ahead of us all in preparing to return to God's presence. It has special significance to me because i know that he is now a missionary just like I am only he'll be serving and preaching to those who have already passed on! He is now amung the greatest missionaries the world has ever seen, in the spirit world carrying the light of the gospel to those who have not yet recieved it. The apostle paul, the prophet Joseph smith, Alma, Nephi, and Moroni to name a few. I've always wished I serve beside men like them!"

I will forever hold a special place in my heart for my Uncle Robert.

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