Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My latest addiction!!!

Those of you who know me know that I could exist on treats alone!! I really could go without meals all day and only eat the kind of things that are pictured above. Ryan told me about a doughnut place so the other day I stopped by and got a half dozen, and I had the best intentions of sharing with my husband. Whoops!! He did get one! Anyway since I had them they are all I can think about. Help!!!

PS this is the actual picture of the Raspberry Torte doughnut, it was my favorite!!!


  1. That's a fancy doughnut. It isn't Banbury Cross is it?? That's a doughnut place in SLC that's seriously comparable to Donald's. Anyway, please bring me one of those doughnuts next time we see eachother :) Nic told me about the lady at McDonalds. Haha--I suppose they can act smart on occasion! Thanks again a million times over for watching them!!!!

  2. No it's called Beyond Glaze, Karen emailed me when she saw the picture and knew exactly where it was from...funny! Next time I come up there I'll bring a dozen!! Ryan thinks their better than Donald's.